Saturday, April 9, 2011

A reasonable risk mitigation strategy for radioactive rain and storms

It is difficult to draw risk conclusions about the two larger radioactive drizzle and thunderstorm events here in Saint Louis Missouri. There is too little data to make my analysis much more than a SWAG (Scientific Wild Assed Guess). The data that are there point in different directions; and the SWAGs I have to make to pull those different directions together all have troubling connotations [updates to come].

A reasonable risk mitigation strategy for those troubling connotations are:

(1) Don't expose skin to the rain

(2) Don't bring rain soaked items into a closed environment

(3) Don't drive into heavy rain, or in areas where recent rain is being aerosolized by car/truck tires

(4) Don't leave the car's environmental controls on fresh air if it is raining.

(5) Triple the efforts to avoid the above scenarios if there is an Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejection.

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