Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/19/11 Thunderstorm Radioactive Fallout 5x background

Another radioactive thunderstorm is certainly not the greatest start to the 236th anniversary of the "shot heard around the world"; when the Governor of Massachusetts ordered the confiscation of weapons from the farmers in Lexington and Concorde.

Nor would I have envisioned myself as a Geiger counter bearing Paul Revere warning that the "The fallout is raining".  None-the-less here it is, A sample from the 4/19/11 7am thunderstorm tested 5x background (0.053 mR/hr). The sample was wiped from the hood of my SUV. The sample was unusually clean of dirt or debris.  Empirical data indicates that the radioactive fallout contamination is attracted to surface debris / dirt, this is an indication that the rain borne radioactive fallout will stick to and build up on skin.

A little more School House Rock about the April 19th battle of Lexington and Concorde

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