Friday, April 8, 2011

3,300 rems per hour & Japan loses power to additional nuclear sites

Japan already having taken a beating is getting more punishment from aftershocks and has lost outside power to other nuclear sites.

The scariest thing out of that link is not 3,300 rems per hour coming out of Fukushima, but the external power losses at additional reactors sites. The Japanese have a greatly diminished response capability already, to have more nuclear sites go down in different parts of the country is troubling. And, there is more earthquake plus potential Tsunmai action to come for them. Japan can expect one 8.0 after shock, ten 7.0 aftershocks, and one hundred 6.0's.

Japanese fortitude, perseverance, and open supply lines are the only things keeping a serious portion of the Japanese nuclear generation capability from spinning out of control.

If there is a future for nuclear energy in Japan (their only other choice is to become an Imperial superpower, or be married to one) it has to be a thorium based reactor. These two links lay out the economics, and current state of the technology.

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