Monday, March 21, 2011

Poisoning the wells in Fukushima; the new opium and the rise of the Emperor and Empresses.

In the aftermath of the great Tokyo earthquake of 1923, the Japanese rounded up and slaughtered 6,000+ Koreans for poisoning the wells; and, the hands were unknowingly dealt for the outbreak of WWII. A great historical inflection point is now at hand; and the question remains who will be blamed for the nuclear poison in Fukushima? The answer has the potential to realign nations and give rise to a new Emperor and Empresses among them.

If the third nuclear nightmare in Japan is successfully apportioned to the United States, the opportunity exists for the joining of Japan and China into a new Far Eastern hegemony. The partnership will be born out of need, desire, and xenophobia. Japan has technology and efficiency; China has manpower, transnational resources, manufacturing/industrialization, and scale. The US competes as a suitor with paper money, the glamor of empire, and the offer of its strategic military and political control of the industrial opium that flows from wells in the Mideast. Should China and Japan court each other, surly each will see the other as the Empresses, themselves as the Emperor, and the USA as the handmaiden.

From today onward we live in interesting times- just ask the Libyans.

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