Friday, April 1, 2011

Threat Alert : Iodine 123 production via Coronal Mass Ejection bombardment of Xenon 133

I have developed a conjecture that the Iodine 123 that may have been detected in Saint Louis Missouri may have a source other than direct production via fission at Fukushima.

It is possible that the Iodine 123 was produced via solar produced proton bombardment of Fukushima released radioactive Xenon gas . Under that scenario there would be a reduced risk of a highly radioactive Iodine 123 being found as one moved west from Saint Louis towards Fukushima (ie less threat for the west coast).

However, there is also a greater risk that a Coronal Mass Ejection could convert large quantities of Xenon into Iodine 123. This would be a predictable, but NOT readily post event detectable, fallout scenario with damaging repercussions for the thyroids of people caught in such an event.

I will have more on this conjecture later, but for now it would be wise for anyone located under (or down wind) high concentrations of Xenon gas to strongly avoid going outside if there is an on going Coronal Mass Ejection (proton event) in the area.


The exposure risk might be predictable by tracking Xenon and Solar weather forecasts. Unfortunately, a strong Coronal Mass Ejection could subject an extremely large area to I123 fallout. Again, Lab tests would not catch this dosing after the fact because of the fast decay rate; later year's thyroid cancer rates would be evident though.

Stay out of the rain any where down wind of Fukushima.

Here is link simulating Xenon dispersal.

Solar proton proton events can be tracked here.

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