Monday, April 11, 2011

IOSAT and other Iodine solutions available again! Act Quickly

New batches of Iodine products have become available on Amazon.
I have linked to several of the products on the left side of the blog page under "risk mitigation". All the items under the risk mitigation tab are items I either own or have recently purchased.

If you have any interest in iodine products now is the time to stock up before the second and third waves of demand hit. It is also better to stock up now because there will be some future potential risk that iodine products themselves may become contaminated at the time of manufacture, as radioiodines spread across the northern hemisphere; That is why I have not listed any plant or animal sources of iodine on the risk mitigation page.

Note that I have NO control over which vendors the Amazon link selects; once the link takes you to Amazon make sure you check for the most reliable vendors. I would also suggest not buying medical products from non-medical vendors. Please remember to check with your Physician before taking/using/applying any medical iodine! And please don't feel under any obligation to buy through my links, buy local if  possible.

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