Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/10 Leading edge storm radiation readings

I have taken two radiation measurements on the 4/10-4/11 midnight storm here in Saint Louis. The samples were taken from a piece of sheet metal left in the rain.

The first rain fall 11:30 pm, reading was approximately 0.026 mR/hr (2x background).
The second 12:15 am reading was approximately .05 mR/hr (5x background).

Update: I took additional readings around 1:30am and the radioactive fallout readings had dropped back to roughly the values measured in the first reading.

The storm lasted on and off for a few more hours, but sleep finally called and enough was enough. It is unfortunate that I have to stay up and do this work; may be I should deduct the cash value of my efforts from the April 15th payment I am getting ready to send out.

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