Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/19/11 Evening Thunderstorm Rain and Hail fallout results

Accoring to the EPA Saint Louis RADNET site, Beta radiation was elevated for Saint Louis today. However in my own tests of the rain and hail, I found lesser activity than previous thunderstorms. The rain was approximately 3x normal background radiation. The sample was taken from a piece of sheet metal in my front yard (the sheet metal had been cleaned after the morning thunderstorm).

I also collected large marble sized hail from the front yard; there was little detectable activity in the hail. The lack of activity is not surprising as ice does offer some shielding. The melt water from the hail also showed little activity, again not surprising given the short half life of the fallout that has been occurring in Saint Louis.

In a test prior to the storm, I dry wiped the dust off of the nose / grill of my truck and detected approximately 3x background in that sample. Further tests to follow this evening.

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