Friday, April 29, 2011

TVA's Browns Ferry is in a Single Point Failure mode, making it a Jihadist's Dream

Browns Ferry nuclear plant is named after a relative; and If I had to pick a Nuclear generation facility to be partial about, Browns Ferry would be it. Unfortunately the swath of tornadoes that blew through the South East took out all the transmission lines to and from the  Browns Ferry nuclear facility. In short,  the only two things between Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant and Fukushima Daiichi are: working backup generators and a better logistics framework.

At this moment Browns Ferry is either in single point failure mode, or very close to it. That means that the site is extremely vulnerable to physical attack. Have no doubt that an enterprising Jihadist or Libyan sapper could readily use the current situation at Browns Ferry as  a massive force multiplier. We can pray that TVA's security guards are getting the support they need to carry out their duties.

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