Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yeah, I know. "Winning" is sooo yesterday. But it fits sooo perfectly with this self-righteous Hollywood tale. Seems that Weird Al Yankovic wanted to write a parody of Lady Gaga's tune "Born this Way" but he was afraid it might offend people. His solution was a ditty he titled "Perform this Way". Listen.

Hah. I wonder if Weird Al is really that canny. On his blog he wrote
...after hearing the song, I was reluctant to tackle it. Because it was such an earnest human rights anthem, I thought some people might consider a parody to be in poor taste.

The only parody I see is that this is a song, instead of fingernail polish. Perhaps Weird Al was still unsure himself, for he wrote
Based on my concept, I was reasonably sure that my parody wasn’t really going to offend anybody… but I still decided, as an act of good karma, that I would donate all the money from sales of the song and music video to the Human Rights Campaign.

But then the Gaga camp declined to give W. Al their blessing on the project, so he posted the song onto youtube for everyone to access, and no monies went to the Human Rights Campaign.

As Charlie might slur.. "winning"

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