Friday, March 2, 2012

Alert Chattanooga Sequoia Nuclear: Reactor Output Dropping - Multiple Transmission Lines Down

TVA's Sequoia Nuclear plant has been reported as UNDAMAGED
However, tornadoes have damaged locations within the immediate 11 mile PREPLANNED evacuation area surrounding the site; multiple transmission lines are down and the Sequoia Plant has been slowly dropping its power output through out the day. Sequoia #2 is currently reported to be at 70% power, a few hours ago it was reported at 80%; this morning the reactor was at 100%.

More storms are expected to impact the area this evening and is important to note that many of the localities within Sequoia's PREPLANNED 11 mile evacuation zone DO NOT HAVE TORNADO SIRENS. The lack of tornado sires may prove dangerously confusing should the Sequoia plant sound nuclear evacuation alarms during a severe storm event (if those alarms still work).

The POTRBLOG team believes it would be wise for people to remain abreast of the situation by making via "All Hazards Weather Alert Radios" and maintaining their supply of iOSAT pills in their home tornado shelter area. For those without such All Hazards Weather Radios, the POTRBLOG team suggests purchasing a "Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Certified S.A.M.E. Weather Hazard Alert Radio". One great feature of this radio is that it can be set so that ONLY THE MOST DANGEROUS ALERTS set off the radio. No one wants to be awoken from a sound sleep at 2am on a workday for a flash flood watch, but if a Nuclear Evacuation Alert is issued you do want that radio to scream.

iOSAT is available here

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