Monday, March 5, 2012

Strange Indeed: The Great Saint Louis Ammo Can Shortage

With Spring Sprunging early here in Saint Louis, we made a run by our local Army/Navy/Camping store. The instant we walked into the store it was immediately clear something was very wrong; the place was devoid of ammo cans. Frankly it was the moral equivalent of walking into a Casino and not seeing or smelling cigarette smoke and urine; its not something your looking forward too, but you KNOW it is ALWAYS going to be there. Well, not this time.

We walked around the store just to make sure that cans were not just hiding somewhere, but not a single rusted out, over priced, ammo can of any type was to be seen anywhere in the store. Finally gathering up courage and enough resolve to question this mysterious event, we inquired with the proprietor about where she was keeping all the ammo cans?

The kind lady informed us that none of her three stores had any ammo cans of any kind left. Moreover not only did she not have any ammo cans, her distributors could not even get them in stock for her to order. At that point we just shook our heads and left, not even remembering what it was we came in for in the first place. We're not brave enough to check the Casino's.

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