Saturday, March 17, 2012

17X Background Radiation in 3/17/12 Saint Louis Storms

We took a paper towel swipe from our truck at approximately 5:30pm; that sample read 17 times greater than background level. Post Fukushima, and given that the Jetstream is far north of Saint Louis, the sample is unusually hot by a factor of two.

The sample was taken during a downpour and was preceded by approximately 4 hours of nearly continuous heavy rain and strong lightening. Given the unusual nature of the sample, we once again strongly suspect a recent increase in radioactive releases at Fukushima.


  1. POTRBLOG: we got nearly 200 CPM in Durham / Chapel Hill, NC on a rain sample last night with an analog Detector (calibrated in July 2011). we are the folks that recorded 200 CPM in dry air in Taos in January - we're in NC now. we were hooked up to the Radiation Network last night, which was a mistake, as Tim (Mineralab) does not want us measuring rain while beaming real time on the Radiation Network -- so the graph should be there since we were mistakenly recording on the Network. We can send you the Geiger Graph if you look us up somehow. Facebook names: Nan Bhajani Tierra and Nokaoi Traverse.

    1. Thanks for the info and taking readings.
      The easiest way we have found to share data is to upload it to and then post a link.