Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Solar Storm, Another Round of European Radioactive Iodine Detections To Come?

Another series of Solar storms have been underway this week, previously these solar storms have correlated well with indeterminate radioiodine detections in Europe. Our hypothesis predicting these European Iodine "Jod" events has been solar proton spallation of Fukushima generated Cesium 133, and/or Plutonium 239. Given that the geomagnetic impacts of this storm are predicted to potentially be severe, the available spallation zone may be greater than typical. Please keep an eye out for reports of unusual radiation detections over the next week or so, especially in the sunlit side of the impact area (expected to be eastern Europe)

Spallations aside, a severe geomagnetic storm prediction would indicate that it is advisable to take cost effect appropriate risk mitigation actions. A simple wise precaution would be to make sure one's vehicles have a full tank of fuel


  1. All I know is when we get these Solar Storms, things are pretty crazy around the house, emotions are high, etc. The Solar Storms explains a lot.

  2. It will be interesting to see if I-131 pops up again and Potrblog thank you for all the info you have and continue to provide. I'm sure I'm not alone when saying how much we appreciate your tenacity and posts concerning radiation from Fukushima, etc. Thank you.

  3. Opps, a tad redundant with the Thank you's but you deserve more than two anyway. ;>)