Thursday, March 15, 2012

ALERT: 19X Background Radiation in 11:30pm STL Storms on 3/15/12

We took two samples swipes today from the various pop up storms that have been blowing through the area. The first sample swipe from the truck was at approximately 5pm, that sample returned a reading of 9x greater than background. Typically the tail ends of storms produce higher readings, the 2nd reading at 11:30 pm followed that trend with a 19X greater than background radiation.

The 19x reading is unusually high considering that the Jet Stream is currently North of Missouri. This may be an indicator of worsening conditions at Fukushima within the last 2 weeks. Based on our readings and the Jet Stream image below, we suspect unusually high levels of Fukushima fallout maybe contained in the Jet Stream currently encroaching on the west coast.

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