Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Emergency Action Message: CDC Warns on Community Spread: Prep Vehicles & Maintenance While Still Possible

CDC just warned to expect "Community Spread" of COVID-19 Coronavirus in the United States. The following message are Emergency Actions WE are taking; they are NOT recommendations.

Immediate Vehicle Maintenance
Skin Sanitize and Long Acting Viricides
Gas Cans

Links to what we have purchased:

(1) For emergency and portable decontamination we are using PDI Prevantics skin wipes containing 3.15% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (or similar products)
PDI Prevantics is both rapid and persistent for hours in its viricide capability

Skin Wipes 3% Chlorhexidine 70% Alcohol

(2) We are actively using Hibiclens 4% Chlorhexidine surgical scrub as a full strength lotion applied to the hands as a persistent long duration viricide. The Hibiclens Gallon Jug Refill is more cost effective, but we may also substitute the significantly less expensive and slightly weaker 2% veterinarian chlorhexidine soaps as conditions and shortages unfold. 2% is the minimum strength we would use.

Hibiclens Foaming Hand Pump 4oz
Hibiclens Foaming Hand Pump 16oz
Hibiclens Gallon Jug
Chlorhexidine 2%

(3) We are using Germ-X Advanced 70% Ethanol hand sanitizer, as an inexpensive but very effective quick acting yet unfortunately short lived viricide.

GERM- X Advanced Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol

(4) We are also using Lysol-to-go 1 oz spray cans to disinfect shopping carts handles, public restrooms, etc.

Lysol-to-go 1oz Disinfectant Spray

5) Garbage bags:

Don't expect the garbage trucks to roll regularly during a quarantine. Don't be caught short of garbage bags

Amazon Garbage Bag Link

6) Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper will run out, and you don't want to be out in public looking and fighting for it.

Amazon Toilet Paper Link

7) Small Gas Cans

Unlike China, most Americans have to drive to get supplies. Don't expect gas stations to be open, and expect the ones that are open to be crowded. That last thing you want to do is increase your coronavirus exposure chances by making unnecessary gasoline stops.

Unfortunately, most modern American gas cans are now dangerous as all heck thanks to California and their friends in the Federal Government. Metal cans are preferable over plastic, and if it doesn't have a long nozzle (preferably flexible) you wont be able to use it to fill your cars gas tank.

NOTE: Several States require gasoline cans to be red and to say gasoline on them. Where possible the use of 100% gasoline is preferable to 10% Ethanol formulations for storage purposes.

Red Metal 10L

Red Metal 20L

Red Plastic 2 Gallon

Red Plastic Flexible Nozzle 5 Gallon

Green Explosafe Gas Can 5L (there is no safer way to transport or store fuel)

Outside of America, we prefer Valpro / Wavian  Explo-Safe gas cans.

Fuel Stabilizer:

Gas does not have a long shelf life, especially in plastic gas cans.


8) Car Parts and More
Almost all car parts and maintenance items are made in China, those factories are already closed. With an outbreak in the USA expect car dealerships and local garages to be shutdown for lack of parts and for fear of being infected.

We bought everything we thought we might need through FALL of 2020

Many of these items may yet still be available at your local stores.

If you buy through any of the Amazon links, we will get a commission.
We did NOT include links to purchase cough medicine based on reports that China was tracking who purchased cough medicine and such tracking might be expected in the USA.

Our Amazon Link

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