Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Best High Throughput "No Touch" Ebola Fever Thermometer

The latest and greatest "no touch" fever thermometer with the potential highest victim through-put rate is the the VisioFocus made by Tecnimed in Italy. The thermometer directly displays a person's temperature on their forehead as the temperature is being taken.

The beauty of this display feature is that medical personnel do not have to touch or take their eyes off the person being measured. This lack of handling and fumbling with the thermometer means that any group of people being scanned can be more rapidly moved through the queue.

The draw backs to these types of no touch thermometers is that they measure skin temperature and an offset is automatically applied to determine core body temperature (oral, anal, or axial). Environmental conditions can alter heat transfer rates off of the skin, thereby making measurements less accurate.

The thermometer is also able to measure the temperature of household objects, such as baby milk bottles. This capability also allows the device to be rapidly calibrated if the thermometer has undergone a rapid temperature swing, such as from a cold winter day to a warm inside room. The unit displays in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Another obvious drawback to the unit is that one can not take one's own temperature without the aide of a mirror to make sure the thermometer is at the right focal distance away from the forehead or eyelid.

For greater insight watch the video.

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