Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The 1st Sign Your City Was Attacked By An Ebola Bioweapon

The 1st sign that your city has been attacked by an Ebola bioweapon will be the reports of a suspect case with no primary or secondary ties to West Africa. When such a case does happen it does not mean with certainty a bioattack has occurred, but it does mean that things go south very rapidly.

The time line of Ebola's spread means that an attack is possible with in the 9/11/2014 time frame and should be expected. However it does not mean that such an attack is a certainty; it only means a potential attacker with the appropriate skills/knowledge would likely have ready field access to the minimal amount of equipment required to implement such an attack.

Terrorist seeking to maximize the death toll would leave the attack unannounced as to increase victim to subsequent victims spread. Alternatively an unskilled terrorist would likely make the attack public as to spread fear & uncertainty. The former case is likely the most dangerous and the one most likely to result in the Government ordering people to shelter in place. It would potentially be preceded by a period of denial or calming action on the Government's part, for the purpose of buying time to position resources and to control traffic points prior to panic.

The key thing to remember about Ebola is that it can take as little as ONE nanoparticle sized Ebola viron contacting your body to infect you. Using hand sanitizer on exposed skin AFTER exposure is unlikely to prevent Ebola infection (as documented in the 1976 Lab case).

Assuming reports of an Ebola case with no direct ties to West Africa is made public, a wise risk mitigation action would be near fully time use of surgical gloves combined with frequent use of hand sanitizer on those gloves. Note that using hand sanitizer directly on skin could result in skin disruption / drying which could increase the risks of infection with Ebola if exposed.

Prior to such an outbreak and needed use of gloves, the proper use of Hibiclens (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) as a skin lotion could provide prophylactic protection against infection as it continues to invisibly kill enveloped viruses for hours after application. We believe Hibiclens offers a Darwinian advantage to those who know of its existence, use it properly, and have it on hand before it becomes unavailable. We believe Amazon is the most cost effective source for Hibiclens (CHG)

In that regard, a key item to note is that once things become public there will very little time to react in either gathering supplies or reuniting with loved ones before travel restrictions are imposed. Key to have on hand at that point are disposable medical gloves, and hand sanitizer to keep the gloves clean. One should expect protective disposable exam gloves to become unavailable. Currently such gloves are readily available at Sam's Club at half the price available elsewhere.


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