Monday, August 25, 2014

ALERT! The CDC is NOT Requiring Cremation Or A Chain of Custody For Ebola Infected Bodies

In a surprising turn of events favoring aspiring biological terrorists the CDC is allowing Ebola infected bodies to be buried in hermetically sealed caskets. Use of cremation is optional.

Disposition of Remains:
  • "Remains should be cremated or buried promptly in a hermetically sealed casket. 
  • Once the bagged body is placed in the sealed casket, no additional cleaning is needed unless leakage has occurred. 
  • No PPE is needed when handling the cremated remains or the hermetically sealed closed casket."

The concerning thing about CDC's decision is that a readily field improvised bio-weapon will only be a few feet of dirt away from an aspiring terrorist. Moreover, since the CDC is also not requiring a clear chain of supervised security for the infected dead body, a slightly more enterprising terrorist could readily intercept the Ebola infected bodily fluids even prior to burial.

Edited to add Analysis:

The only way this set of handling requirements for Ebola infected bodies makes sense is if
the CDC expects such a high body count the protecting access to them is pointless


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