Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ALERT! FEMA Seeks BioMedical Disposal Capability To Support 1,000 TENT HOSPITALS, On 24 Hours Notice

FEMA is seeking contracters who can supply MEDICAL BIOHAZARD disposal capabilities and 40 yard dumpsters to 1,000 TENT HOSPITALS across the United States; all required on 24-48 hour notice.

Based on this and other previous (insane) bizops orders from FEMA its pretty obvious they are spooling up the National Disaster Medical System to respond to some national catastrophic. The obvious candidates are a H7N9 pandemic or a worsening of the current H1N1 epidemic.

The effort seems to be geared towards deploying Federal Medical Stations to 1000 locations across the USA and staffing them each with 100 medical personnel. In that regard, FEMA has attempted to order 200,000 pairs of Doctor's Scrubs for 24hr delivery @ 200 pairs per tent hospital. Not surprisingly, industry informed FEMA this was impossible. FEMA also attempted to order mobile showers and toilets to support the effort, again industry informed FEMA that they could not handle the "Armageddon Scenario". At least this time FEMA seems to have learned something and is first asking for capability assessments before putting out unsupportable purchase orders.

So what does it all mean? It means a clustermess is inevitable should such medical services actually be required. Given the number of current H1N1 patients using the very limited number of available artificial lungs, ECMO machines, such a spool up of the National Disaster Medical System is a clear near term possibility. Unfortunately the possibility of 1000 tent hospitals each handled with the same alacrity as  Hurricane Katrina is also highly likely, AKA CLUSTERMESS.


Dumpster & Bio Medical Waste Services Solicitation Number: HSFE70-14-I-0006

48 Hour Delivery Order: 100,000 "Doctor Scrubs"; 1000 (100 Person) Shelters; + Fuel, Showers, Bathrooms, and Hygine Equipment; Apparent Mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System

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Hemorrhagic H7N9 Avian Flu + Pandemic Blood Shortage = $57,000,000 award to Cellphire for Thrombosomes


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