Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hemorrhagic H7N9 Avian Flu + Pandemic Blood Shortage = $57,000,000 award to Cellphire for Thrombosomes

What does the government do when it is expecting a massive Hemorrhagic H7N9 Avian Influenza pandemic and simultaneously expects a pandemic related national blood shortage??? Well, they award Cellphire a $57 million dollar cost plus contract for Thrombosomes.

Thrombosomes are Cellphire's experimental freeze dried blood platelet-derived hemostatic agent for control of noncompressible hemorrhage. When nothing else stops the blood pouring out of your body, hopefully Thrombosomes will.

More details are in the video, see below for links.

Solicitation Number: BAA-12-100-SOL-00011
Cellphire, Inc
Thrombosomes: a platelet-derived hemostatic agent for control of noncompressible hemorrhage
Thrombocytopenia: An important presentation of new emerging H7N9 influenza
What Is Thrombocytopenia?
Thrombocytopenia in 73.0% of H7N9 Bird Flu patients
Hemorrhagic Bird Flu, Government Preps 512 Million Syringes
FEMA Readies 100,000 Person National Disaster Medical System Mobilization

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