Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chinese H7N9 Feces Find Facilitates US NAVY Funding In 8,000 Person Peruvian Pandemic Poop Patrol Plan

The Chinese found H7N9 in human feces, so the US Navy decides to sample 8000 Peruvians with Influenza Like Illnesses to see if influenza is pervasive in poop.   But, why the US Navy and why Peru?

The expeditionary arm of the Army's Biowarfare lab in Ft Detrick Maryland, just so happens to be the US Navy's Medical Research Unit #6, and Peru just happens to be at the tail end of the Blue Wing Teal duck's migratory route. The Blue Wing Teal just happens to carry H7N9 bird and its migratory pattern crosses the Asian migratory flyway.

IF pandemic H7N9 enters the Americas, Peru will be the prime place to detect it. Once it makes it into the Americas, we believe the Urban Pigeon will be the primary NATURAL way humans will encounter H7N9 Bird poop.


Solicitation Number: N62645-13-T-0035
Solicitation Number: N62645-13-T-0033

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