Friday, April 26, 2013

La Salle Nuclear ALERT! Systems Failures Continue, VIGILANCE REQUIRED.

UPDATE:  "NRC Begins Special Inspection at La Salle Nuclear Plant" 
It would be wise for people down wind of La Salle nuclear plant in Illinois to remain vigilant.
More information has come forth from the NRC event report pages concerning the initial emergency at La Salle and the subsequent restart attempts.

NRC  Event Number: 48966 indicates that a primary reactor water level control for Unit 1 became inoperable after the initial emergency shutdown on 4/17/13. Apparently La Salle was unsure whether or not they needed to report this to the NRC. It is just another indicator how close La Salle nuclear came to taking out Chicago.

NRC  Event Number: 48969 indicates that during a restart attempt on 4/25/13, La Salle Unit 2 experienced another leak requiring the reactor to be SCRAMed again. Statistically the most dangerous time for a reactor is when humans are mucking with it. Given the failures which we believe nearly took out Chicago, and the reported failure on the restart of Unit 2; we would not want to be anywhere down wind of La Salle during their next attempt at restart.

It may be that the NRC shares our concern regarding La Salle, as we can find no information that the NRC has  de-staffed its Incident Response Center.

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  1. >>> the most dangerous time for a reactor is when humans are mucking with it >>>>

    And that's a fact.