Friday, April 26, 2013

Insidious Federal Funding Foretells Forced Flawed FLU Inoculations

The Congress is seeking to significantly over-fund the Federal Flu Vaccine Injury Trust fund. This "trust fund" is essential the equivalent of workmen's comp for people who are seriously injured by a flu vaccine, and can prove it. The Congress is enacting legislation that will place a 75 cent tax on every flu shot given.

There are 3 plausible reasons for Congress and the CDC to place such a large tax on each Flu Shot:

  1. Congress seeks to discourage the poor from getting Flu shots by raising the price of the shot 
  2. Congress wishes to over-fund the Flu Vaccine so they can play accounting tricks and appear to lower the deficit (much like is done with the loans against the Social Security Fund)
  3. Congress/CDC expects a major Flu epidemic and believes that vaccine will have significant dangerous side effects. Obviously this will result in people being forced into taking a potential dangerous shot.

Given the current drum beat hysteria about the  H7N9 bird flu, we suspect it is likely that the Federal government believes it will at some point declare a public health emergency and will likely force a known, flawed, dangerous FLU vaccine on the civilian herd in a decision with will be rationalized as the  "lesser of evils". 

This type of planning is very similar to the recent massive governmental orders for potassium iodide pills as perpetration for further nuclear failures at Fukushima. It is also smacks the same type of planning shown by the insanely massive orders for hollow point ammunition order by the Government.

H/T to the Drudge Report for the initial story

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