Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[ALERT] Byron Illinois Reactor SCRAMMED During Restart, YOU SHOULD TOO

If the POTRBLOG team lived near Byron Illinois, much like their Nuclear Plant, we would scram too. Yesterday, the operators had to manually SCRAM the reactor during a restart attempt. They were restarting the reactor after the previous SCRAM which involved a blast of radioactive steam leakage.

The most dangerous time for any reactor is when people are mucking around with it. And, reading the latest NRC event report indicates there is A LOT of MUCKING around with the Byron reactor. It is enough that we would not hang around the Byron area (or downwind) during any reactor restart.

For example, this little excerpt from the event report SPEAKS VOLUMES:

"2FW009C was the first valve to be opened due to previously experienced problems with this valve being stuck in the seat."

The POTRBLOG team considers this to be a "safety procedure" similar  to stepping on your car's brakes as you pull out of your driveway because you know you have a brake problem. A competent person would document the problem and not drive that car, or let anyone else drive it, until the brakes were fixed.

So what does that say about the Byron Nuclear Plant? Well, it indicates that the Byron Nuclear Plant is operating with a known fault under UNDOCUMENTED TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE and NOT UNDER STANDARDIZED POLICY AND PROCEDURE. If there is not a better sign to get the out of heck out Byron during any reactor restart, we don't know what it would be. If we lived there we would want to know when they were planning to restart the reactor, and we would make sure we were out of town and upwind when they were doing it.

Yesterday's SCRAM may have was stopped short of cold shutdown, and that helped hush the NUCLEAR RAPE WHISTLE. If you wait for the Nuclear Rape Whistle, you may have waited too long.

Below is video of the rape whistle from the previous reactor SCRAM and radioactive leak.

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