Friday, February 3, 2012

100 R/hr Source Found in Pennsylvania NOT a "Concern From a Radiological Standpoint"

An NRC event report came out yesterday about an old Radium 226 source that was found at a waste management company in Pennsylvania. The source measured 2 R/hr INSIDE a lead box, and 100 R/hr at contact.

  "The unlocked roll-off container was located for several weeks in a parking lot of an adult-only living community in West Chester, PA while a contractor performed work on townhomes in the development".

Despite the nature of the situation this 100 R/hr alpha source is considered by the authorities to not be a concern from a radiological standpoint.

So to sum it up a 'safe' 100 R/hr source that the authorities say is no threat to anyone makes its way on to the NRC event reports, in the mean time the partial shutdown and radiation leak from the North Anna nuclear plant STILL HAS NOT APPEARED IN A NRC EVENT REPORT.

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