Monday, September 22, 2014

US Government on H7N9 MERS EBOLA Pandemic Purchasing Spree: Millions for Adjuvanted Vaccine; Ventilators; Doxycycline Injections; Mobile Killing Chambers; Air MEDEVAC

Fall 2014 is starting to look much like Fall 2013 in terms of the Federal Government Pandemic Spending

In the last week:

(1) HHS gave Sanofi Pasteur $105 million to produce an adjuvanted H7N9 influenza vaccine; Last year they purchased the syringes needed to give EVERY American two of these vaccinations. Even more troubling the CDC had ALWAYS previously banned the use of adjuvanted flu vaccines in the USA because they were considered dangerous.

(2) HHS also gave PHILIPS RESPIRONICS  a $46 million dollar sweet heart deal funding the entire R&D development to production cycle of 10,000 Advanced All Hazard Stockpile Ventilators (AAHSV)

(3) The US Army ordered a stockpile of test reagents for H7N9 and MERS-CoV specifically
"in preparation for potential pandemic outbreak of H7N9 and/or novel Middle East Coronavirus".

(4) The Department of Defense has also placed a large order for Doxycycline Hyclate Injections to fill their Pandemic Influenza Stockpile. Interestingly, there is also a US Patent on the use of Doxycycline to spur blood serum treatments for Ebola, as has been recommended by WHO to treat Ebola infections. The supply has been directed to USNORTHCOM, meaning the outbreak is expected to occur in North America. It also just happens that this drug is currently in critically short supply in the US.

(5) The USDA has awarded a contract to build multiple Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing Trailers

"for the depopulation of poultry in response to an animal health emergency such as a catastrophic infectious poultry disease" aka H7N9 Bird Flu

(6) And not to feel left out, The US State Department expects its going to have to do A LOT of Ultra high infectious containment Aeromedical Evacuations after February 2015. As such, they have put out an RFI seeking additional EBOLA type air ambulance medical flight airlift capability.

Of course all of these expenditures just scratch the surface of the pandemic preparations the US Government undertook in 2013. If the population had just an inkling of what was actively being prepared for, they'd be in Church as if it were Christmas and Easter combined.

Our Analysis:

H7N9 is low risk with medium impact. Its had every chance to go Global and has not. If it appears NATURALLY in the USA, hot points for infection are river deltas like San Francisco, Houston, and New Orleans

MERS is a low to medium risk with medium impact. MERS has had several chances to breakout at HAJJ and has not. But since MERS outbreaks have previously occurred 6 months out of phase with HAJJ, mostly in Spring camel birthing season, a human infection carry over into October might allow HAJJ to be fuel to the fire. That said, the spread of MERS seems to be tied to behaviors related to Eastern toilet habits and Islamic palliative care,

EBOLA is High Risk with High Impact. The experts at the ARMY's Aerobiological Science center report that Ebola has an airborne stability like Flu, and that Winter type weather may allow for airborne spread to occur. One must also consider the Airborne implications of Ebola victims have co-infections with Cold, Flu, Tuberculosis, or even seasonal allergies. All these factors make for the potential of an EXPLOSIVE number of Ebola cases in cold weather climates.

Source and background info:

Award is for the development of an adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccine.

Advanced All-Hazards Stockpile Ventilator

preparation for potential pandemic outbreak of H7N9 and/or novel Middle East Coronavirus.

Doxycycline Injection

Doxycycline Hyclate Injection Shortage

Compositions and methods for treating hemorrhagic virus infections and other disorders

Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing Trailers

Emergency Aero-Medical Services

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

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