Thursday, June 12, 2014

Russia Made A HUGE Propaganda Shift Against Its Ukrainian Rebels; Signs of an Obama Appeasement

Drudge is linking a story from "Reason" which is commenting on a story from the Moscow Times that the pro-Russian Ukrainian Separatists have adopted a flag based on the Confederate States Of America's battle flag. The Russian's propaganda machine is making a propaganda link between its own Ukrainian Separatists and their supposed choice of a Jefferson Davis-esque Confederate “Ukrainian Dixie flag”. 

According to the ignorant folks at "Reason", the flag
"holds no meaning in Eastern Europe, so to whom are these Russian-backed fighters trying to appeal?"
In reality, the flag is a derivation of Saint Andrew's Cross; the Russians have used it for a long time, most recently as a Naval Jack. Its obvious what the Pro-Russsian Ukrainian Separatists where trying to link to when they picked that flag; even the Moscow Times knows that.

 The real question is why is the Russian propaganda machine drawing connections between the flag of their own guys in Ukraine and CSA's The Stars and Bars? Seems likely the Russians might be paying off a Western appeasement play by demonizing their own Confederates in Ukraine.

Those good 'ole Russkie boys in Eastern Ukraine might just be getten' ready to be sold out by their comrades. One might wager that Obama capitulated something very important to the Russians to get them to take three steps towards the door.  Certainly, the recent Russian hands off approach in Eastern Ukraine appears to support that Obama appeased the Russians with something BIG. 

Or on the other hand, maybe the propaganda is an attempt to appeal to Southern Americans to support the Ukrainian Separatists? Seems unlikely, given that no Southerner in his right mind would support the Russians knowing full well that Russia invaded Georgia from neighboring North Ossetia in 2008. If the Russian are trying to gather sympathy from Southerners, the Ukrainian separatists would be better served to base their flag off a Lynyrd Skynyrd album cover.


Russia and Georgia Clash Over Separatist Region


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  2. The cross of St. George also has ties to the xp cross of Constantine.

  3. And I'm a-tellin you son -it ain't no fun- strarin straight down a Kalishnakov...

    Seriously, I dunno about the 'deal' with Obama- Putin is running hog wild now.

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