Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Looks Like Arizona Had/Has A Probable MERS Case and DIDN"T REPORT IT TO THE CDC

CDC recently altered its MERS case definitions and they have also loosened up who can be tested for MERS. As we posted yesterday these actions seem to stem from asymptomatic discoveries made during the 500+ people they tested after the two recent confirmed cases (all of which the CDC has been very secretive about).

But there was an additional suspected MERS case in Arizona that according to the Arizona Health Director's blog was not reported up to the CDC. Based on the CDC's recent changes to how they define what a MERS case is, it appears ARIZONA HAD/HAS A PROBABLE MERS and that it did not get reported to the CDC.

"The person had a travel history to Saudi Arabia and was exposed to sick people.  The person had MERS-compatible signs, symptoms, and incubation period- so alert healthcare providers collected specimens for us to test at our State Lab. We received specimens on Monday night and tested them on Tuesday- and by mid-afternoon Tuesday we knew that the samples were negative.  If it had been positive, we would have sent it to the CDC for confirmation"
Given the recent changes by the CDC, it appears quarantine stations at US points of entry are going to go into MERS testing overdrive


ALERT: CDC Alters Emergency MERS Testing To Target Asymptomatic Individuals

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