Sunday, April 27, 2014

Captured HK USP Pistol Substantiates Ukrainian "DELTA FORCE" Team Captured In Donetsk

The video embedded below reports that 3 members of a Ukrainian Alpha team have been captured by pro-Russian forces in Donetsk.The strongest give away of the legitimacy of the video is the capture of a 9x19mm Heckler & Koch USP pistol, as that pistol is carried by Ukraine's Alpha team and it is not a weapon we would expect to be found in ordinary use by military forces in the region.

It is unclear if the individuals pictured truly are captured members of Ukraine's Alpha team, however it is abundantly clear that Alpha team equipment and documents were likely captured.  If these individuals are captured Alpha team members, it is a very strong indicator of how deeply Ukraine's military is infiltrated by Russian Intelligence.

Captured HK USP 9mm 'Alpha Team' pistol.

Video of purported captured Alpha Team members

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