Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Kilometer Long Line of Tanks Caught Moving Towards Ukrainian Border at Novoshakhtinsk , Things To BUY NOW.

A video was posted on Youtube of a very long line of Russian BPM-90 "tanks" moving down a rural road in Russia near the Ukrainian border (see below). Based on visual clues in the video we used Google maps to identify the exact location of that "tank" column near the Novoshakhtinsk, Russia border crossing point with Ukraine.

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If you explore the above map you can see that the BPM 90 column is basically positioning to move itself on the most expedient route towards Dontesk, Ukraine.  Russia now needs this land mass to have a direct connection to the Crimean Peninsula which it recently annexed.

At this point it seems the only think that could be done to stop the take over is to declare Ukraine an "instant" member of NATO. If Russian caught wind of such a plan they would make an all out push to enter Ukraine prior to such an announcement. In that light, if you need new car tires, or any sort of Russian Caliber ammunition now would be the time to buy those things.

Unfortunately  contrary to our Founding Fathers sage advice, we have made long term entangling alliances with Foreign powers while simultaneously bungling our capability to effectively execute those alliances. Dumb and Dumber.

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