Sunday, November 17, 2013

ALERT: Unusual Increase In Airborne Radioactivity, Saint Louis

There is an unusual 20-30% increase in Airborne radioactivity blowing into the Saint Louis area, tied to the Fukushima jetstream moving into the area.  We can not say with certainty that the increase is Fukushima related; given the high surface winds, we don't don't discount the possibility that the radiation increase may be from Weldon Spring Ordnance Works Nuclear Superfund Site:

If the increase in radiation is related to Fukushima we would expect elevated readings to soon be reported from other reporting locations.

  A screen capture of our Live Indoor and Outdoor Radiation monitors {link}

Weather Conditions at the time:

Sunshine (no rain)
High Winds from the South and West, @ 20-40 mph with Gusts 30-60 mph
Jetstream blowing in from Fukushima


  1. The surface winds seem to have been going in the wrong direction for this to be the cause, but did you hear about this event:

    "... in McCracken County, [Kentucky,] what may have been a tornado touched down at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, damaging one of the plant's four enrichment production buildings, the adjacent cooling towers and nearby electrical switchyard ... a spokeswoman for the plant's parent company USEC Inc., said in a news release.

    "Electrical power poles, wiring and other electrical circuits were also damaged," Lookofsky said, while the collars surrounding the fans on those cooling towers were destroyed.

    Lookofsky said there were no reports of injuries and that monitoring of the plant showed "no radiological or hazardous material releases."

    Lookofsky said USEC ceased enriching uranium at the plant in June, and only limited plant operations "related to inventory management" were operating when the storms hit. She said a recovery team was now focusing on cleanup and repair...."

    1. Good catch; I would not rule out Paducah as a source just yet, but preliminarily it seems unlikely.