Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MAX ALERT! Chinese H7N9 Patient TRAVELED ABROAD Before Symptom Onset

UPDATE:  We have found an additional report that the individual was backpacking immediately prior to infection.

It is also reported he met with his brother and three friends at a resturant for a Noon lunch on October 6th, he ordered Chicken, Duck, and Beer. On the morning of October 7th he was ill and vomiting.
The doctors blame the victim's H7N9 susceptibility on being fat and tired after his backpacking trip.

It is now being reported in the Chinese Media that the recently infected H7N9 patient had traveled abroad prior to symptom onset. It is not yet specified where this individual traveled too / from. but the situation indicates an elevated risk of international spread, and  is a potential early warning indicator of impending public health Medical Counter Measures, as such we mark this report as a Maximum Alert.

The individual in question was diagnosed on Oct 8th and had no known exposure to obvious sources of infection. The only indirect risk factor was that the patient drew / sketched / painted outdoor scenery.

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  1. What city was he in when he ordered that "Chicken, Duck, and Beer?"

    1. It appears as if he was in Shaoxing at that time.