Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Going Max Alert : Air, Food, & Water - Cobalt 60 and Sb-124

We are maintaining our maximum alert for airborne and rain related radioactive fallout.
Because of the increased risk, we are working on improving our air monitoring capability. We believe the risk is proportional to Jet Stream location and to the magnitude of short half life radioactivity detected in fresh rainfall.

Additionally, there are 'low' level indications of  Cobalt 60 and Antimony 124 in our most recent June 2012 beef gamma spectrometry tests. We are still analyzing the beef results and hopefully will have the analysis ready before the Independence day holiday. In the mean time, we believe that selecting  100% grass fed beef is the best risk mitigation position for beef. Based on Cold War research, we suspect that grain fed beef is likely a greater risk.

More to follow.



  1. Hi, thanks for you hard work. I have a request to ask of you. Would you allow me to have your work translated into Korean. The translation and original text plus the hyperlink to your site would then be posted on a site in Korea. If there is another way to share your info, please let me know.

    1. Unfortunately we can't "authorize" translation and mirroring of the site, primarily because it indicates some level of due diligence that the translation accurately captures the information we share. Often, the wording we use has a depth of meaning that may be difficult to capture in a translation.

      Thats said, we see no obvious legal issues with someone using 'fair use' excerpts of our work, translating that those excerpts, and making their own analytical commentary on the result.

      Hope that helps.

  2. England 39x above normal background radiation. (3.979╬╝Sv/hr)