Monday, June 11, 2012

ALERT! Indiana High Radiation Event Likely True Occurrence


The  June 6-7, 2012 high radiation event in South Bend, Indiana was likely an actual detection of high levels of radioactivity. We have completed a reanalysis of the data from the Indiana detection and resolved a previous ambiguity related to bi-modal peak clipping evident in the detection data.

Despite supportive wind data and a matching increase and decline and radioactivity, our initial false detection  "gut reaction" was influenced by a report of an electrical fault. That fault report limited our analysis boundary condition in viewing the bimodial peaking clipping radiation reading as possibly being driven by a wiring fault.

Further analysis indicates that the bimodal radiation peaking is actually extremely strongly indicative of an actual high range radioactive field being measured by the Geiger counter.

Much, much more is to follow. A video update with an easier to understand explanation will follow this evening.



  1. Hi, just finished a 30 minute test on a square meter of my car hood on a paper towel @ 12x background..view results here if you so desire, many many thanks now
    Location Durham, NC, United States
    Altitude 499 feet
    Station Name Nokaoi
    Geiger Counter Model Other
    Other Criteria Model 3007A Analogue Detector w/ 45 mm pancake probe
    Report Period Day Time AM/PM

    Beginning time 06/11/12 07:19:44 PM
    Ending time 06/11/12 07:29:44 PM
    Elapsed Time 0 00:10:00
    Elapsed Minutes 10

    Radiation Counts

    Total Counts 4,672
    Average CPM 467
    Minimum CPM 424
    Maximum CPM 509
    Last Alert Level Set (CPM) 100

    Time of Low/High Radiation Day Time AM/PM

    Minimum CPM occurred 06/11/12 07:25:44 PM
    Maximum CPM occurred 06/11/12 07:22:44 PM
    Alert Level first exceeded 06/11/12 07:20:44 PM
    Alert Level last exceeded 06/11/12 07:28:44 PM

  2. Is it possible for the detection in South Bend to be related to the Nuclear event at Davis-Besse on the same day?

    1. No idea, but one would hope that it came from a nuke plant that there would have been a report.

    2. There's a Radiation Laboratory on Notre Dame's campus (though I don't think they have an actual reactor on campus). I don't know anything about what they do at this lab, but do you think it is possible that such a lab could cause the release of levels like those detected in South Bend?

      Here is information about the lab:

    3. There is nothing particular on those web pages that would make me think that they were the source. Look for something capable of producing or storing radioactive gases. What we really need is more information about the location of the detection and some surface wipes from the same.