Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On July 1st, we at Pissin on the Roses took aim the EPA's RadNet roses to see if their radiation monitoring had roots in reality; turns out we found lots of data censoring. By July 10th the EPA shut down their RadNet Data page for Saint Louis. As of today, July 12, the EPA has put a NATIONWIDE BLACKOUT ON REAL TIME RADIOACTIVE MONITORING of Beta radiation. The EPA's statement on this fact may be found here

The EPA states:
"Near real-time beta monitoring results frequently do not pass quality control criteria due to local radiofrequency interference. For this reason, near real-time beta monitoring graphs are not displayed on this site."

Of course it would take a Freedom Of Information Act request to see if this action was a result of the Pissin On The Roses detailed expose of EPA's RadNet data censoring, but in the mean time it will suffice to examine EPA's "local radiofrequency interference" claims. One doesn't have to be a Benoit Mandelbrot to look at the chart below tracking EPA's data censoring of Saint Louis Radnet detections to realize that something just ain't right.

The EPA data censoring in Saint Louis coincides with early heavy fallout periods from Fukushima; it also strongly coincides with our very own detections of significant radioactive contamination of the local rainfall. In that light, one can only conclude that the term “RADIOfrequency interference” is pseudo ethical legalistic technical jargon for RADIOactive materials the EPA doesn't want to report. Of course the EPA has a term for that too; they call it "Reviewed and Approved" data. I guess that's a lot like this non-war we're not fighting in Libya.

Maybe we can all at least be thankful that the EPA is not in charge of issuing tornado warnings and censoring radar data, otherwise the people in Joplin might never gotten any tornado warning. Up until 1950 it used to be illegal to give tornado warnings, someone in the government figured more lives would be saved by not panicking people with tornado warnings. Maybe some day in the future after the thyroids have been burned out and the last kid has died of Fukushima Leukemia we won't have to rely on government "Reviewed and Approved" data to safeguard our families.

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