Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fukushima's First Frightening Fruits: Radioactive Peaches in California

Hat tip to Michael and Denise at ENVIROREPORTER.COM for detecting and reporting the July 8th discovery of Radioactive Peaches in a Santa Monica market.

The Peaches had a sustained radioactivity of two times above local background radiation. What makes this discovery especially significant is that the 2X background radioactivity detected in these peaches was likely significantly attenuated by their water content; when eaten the exposure rate may be significantly higher. Even worse, it is likely that the detected radioactivity is from a longer half life radionuclide; which when eaten, would  irradiate a person from the inside out for potential  years to come.

Unfortunately it is not surprising that the Fukushima's first frighting fruits would be peaches. The explosive growth and transformation from peach blossom to green fruit almost exactly coincides with the Fukushima disaster and the associated radioactive fallout in the United States.

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