Wednesday, May 28, 2014

US Navy And Genetically Engineered Human-Cow Hybrid's Polyclonal Antibodies Coming To MERS Rescue

A senior 'vaccine' scientist at US Navy's Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) placed an order for a large amount of anti-MERS Polyclonal Antibodies produced by Sanford Applied Biosciences (SAB). This order no doubt will help SAB's bottom line with its hyper MERS infected trans-human cows, which produce such Polyclonal antibodies.

Given the cows are being infected with MERS-CoV, and given that its transmitted in feces, one hopes that these cows-human hybrids only poop in a bio-level 3 containment facility that doesn't compost its waste. We would not want to be down wind of those farmers fields. 

If NAMRU's research on the Polyclonal treatments for MERS infections is successful, SAB may be in for a large windfall. Of course, it still remains to be seen if serum derived from trans-human cows will be considered  halal or harram by MERS primary victims.


Anti-MERS COV Polyclonal Antibodys

Solicitation Number: N3239814RCVB001
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Location: Naval Medical Research Center

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