Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tornado Damage, Car Wreck, Radioactive Fire, Another Day In Saint Louis.

  After last nights tornado decided to cut a swath of destruction directly towards the underground radioactive fire at the local EPA Superfund Landfill site, we figured the only way to get an accurate indication of the damage and risks was to go take measurements ourselves. Along the way, we just happened capture a car wreck on video (5 minutes and 46 seconds into the video)

What we found was that the Tornado barely clipped the underground radioactive fire at the Westlake landfill, and we were once again able to show that stench coming from that fire is radioactive. The stench today was slightly less than during our previous survey, and the wind was blowing in a different direction too, but every time we were downwind of the underground radioactive fire (as evidenced by the stench) the airborne radioactive readings were 22% greater than the same measurements taken upwind. What happens when the fire works its way deeper into the radioactive zone is anyone's guess.

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