Thursday, March 14, 2013

Would Michael Moore Kill Children to Pass The Assault Weapons ban?

Saw the other day that Michael Moore wants explicit pictures of the dead Sandy Hook children released in order to force the Assault Weapons ban to happen.

Some where, there is some one of Michael Moore's ilk who is weighing the benefits of slaughtering more innocents to force the greater good of passing a so called assault weapons ban. Somewhere, there is a less benevolent evil person who only sees the slaughter of innocents as a force multiplier to assault every individual in the  entire  nation out of their individual right to defend oneself.

In both these scenarios the weapon of evil is not the gun, but rather the weapon of evil is the legislative body which is happy to be wielded by such an evil person. It certainly has been done before, ala Osama Bin Laden wielding the Congress into the Patriot act, and the Fed into a loose money supply.

Of course in the current situation the evil bastards don't have to fly airplanes into buildings, they only have to step into the safety of "gun free zones".

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