Monday, August 13, 2012

MAXIMUM ALERT! Cesium-137 Detected In Pennsylvania

UPDATE: In an interesting coincidence, the Pennsylvania Health Department started making free Potassium Iodide pills available to the public on August 9th (see this press release)

30,000 DPM of Cesium-137 were detected on a 100 square centimeter surface of a dry casket tractor trailer rig in Pennsylvania; NRC Event Number: 48178.  This detection was of REMOVABLE Cs-137, meaning that weathering would have removed the contamination after some time period.

We suspect that the rig was contaminated by the Jet Stream borne rain storm which blew through  the Pa area around approximately August 5th.  Our own readings have detected significantly elevated levels of airborne and surface radioactive contamination in the past free weeks. See the video above for full details on the Cs-137 detection.