Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alert! 5:45pm Fallout Rain 59x to 190X Above Background Radiation

A typical sample swipe was taken from the truck at approximately 5:45pm on 11/3/11, that sample read 59 Times greater than background radiation.

A second swipe was taken with a thicker quantity of paper towels. The greater paper towel thickness allowed more water to be pulled away from the foremost paper towel sheet, and allowed a greater surface area to be sampled. The result was a reading of 190 times greater than background radiation.

The last two Saint Louis rainfalls have both had detectable levels of Iodine 133 indicated contamination. As a result, we have taken appropriate risk mitigation actions.

More analysis and data to follow


  1. Is posting the new blog the actions you speak of? Is there a video in the works?

  2. We are taking a 48 hour reading with 6 minute averages of the data. Hopefully we will have a chart out by Sunday.

    Frankly making/posting the videos is tiring; and now that we are getting steady reoccurring detections above 30x background we no longer video post every detection (but we do record them).

    We are planning a video that will discuss the uncertainties in making the identifications, how one might spiral into solving for the radionuclide detections numerically- and how that uncertainty propagates down the decay/time chain.