Saturday, June 4, 2011

Radioactive Tap Water Risk Mitigation for the Office and Outdoors

The best risk mitigation solution for removing radioactive contamination from drinking water is to use the Watts Premier WP4-V reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system (shown on the Amazon Risk Mitgation widget on the left side of the web page). It is the ONLY readily available cost effective RO filter that meets ANSI / NSF standards 53 and 58. This what we have installed and use in our home, so far we are quite pleased with the WP4-V.

But what do you do when at the Office or when you are out and about? 
The best solution I have found is the Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier. They are NOT certified by the NSF for standards 53 & 58; and the company seems to rely more on its own hype combined with some independent testing. However, The filter's construction should remove dissolved radioactive gasses and they do seem to be a much better solution than other portable bottle or pitcher water filters. My family has been using one for over a month and we are quite satisfied with its use and convenience. By no means is it a perfect solution, but it is a cost effective risk mitigation strategy. And for any one who has ever tried to drink the tap water in Disney World, the bottle could readily pay for itself in one day at the park.

Here is the Amazon link for the Sport Berkey Water Purifier

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