Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Green is your Valley?

Well, if you are unfortunate enough to live in Austin Texas, you might be "green" but it won't be the color of money.

The City of Austin has recently passed legislation that will require everyone selling a home to receive an inspection from the city, and the chump change cost of $300 "to inspect windows, insulation, duct work and air filtration.”

Guaranteed to turn the City of Austins' coffers green. Now if only the housing market bubble would re-inflate so people could sell their houses.

Now that homeowners must get a green energy audit, the demand for auditors is red hot,” KXAN’s Mary Lee said. “It’s created more than 100 jobs in the Austin area".

Wow! a HUNDRED jobs screwing homeowners out of 300 dollars each that they could have spent on something USEFUL.

Why doesn't the city just hire someone to drive down the streets throwing baseballs at everyone's windows? Gosh, how many people could that employ, and the baseball manufacturers would boom, not to mention the window repair business, and the car salesmen might even get a chunk of the deal.

Maybe the Onion has the right idea > Wall off the City of Austin.

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