Saturday, February 1, 2014

The FEDS Are Going C4ISR Crazy For H7N9: Immediate Nationwide Automatic Upload of Flu Test Results

So far we haven't spelled out the full extent of the US Government's NSA like monitoring of healthcare, but we plan on pulling it together soon. But, its a system so integrated that the CDC is planning to have Flu test results uploaded real time.

", the Influenza Division within the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) at HHS/CDC proposes to evaluate new or improved point of care diagnostic tests for influenza virus detection that incorporate the capability to transmit influenza diagnostic test results electronically, such as through wireless communication technology, for more timely diagnosis of human influenza and/or other respiratory pathogen infections in outpatient/ambulatory and emergency room healthcare practices."

The reach and extent of the Centrally Planned C4ISR Healthcare system would make a Nazi bureaucrat swoon with Goebbelian Glee and produce results akin to the Soviet's Starving Hungary Hungarians. As it stands now, the system ranges from full public health integration with State Fusion centers, to nationalization of state healthcare workers, to the ever watchful eye of the Healthcare and Public Health (Federal) Threat Operations Center (HTOC).

We've come to a perfect storm of ObamaCare combining with the threat of H7N9 giving Congress the cover to fund invasive totalitarian C4ISR healthcare. One wonders how the Patriot Act was written and waiting in the wings to be implement on two days notice. Whats coming now is way worse, as the Government believes that the Bill of Rights and Constitution are void were prohibited by PublicHealth law.

We hope to give this topic much further insight in the future. But for now, rejoice that the Flu CZAR is going to know the results of your Flu test before you do. But don't worry, someone will come along soon to reasure you that their only collecting Meta data.


Medicine Is getting the IDENTICAL Takeover That The Financial & Military Systems Got In Prelude to WW1


  1. I thought you might enjoy this little bit of flu history I found in an unrelated article on CNN today about Alaska. Also, just received my Hibiclens, thanks for all you work on this topic.
    [It's still within cultural memory, for example, that white missionaries and settlers brought flu that wiped out entire villages of Alaska Native people in 1918. "Suffering from influenza, many Eskimos and Native Americans found themselves unable to harvest moose or feed their traps and, in the wake of the pandemic, many people died of starvation," the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says on a page devoted to the flu. "In some areas, the situation was especially acute as Eskimos did the unthinkable and ate their sled dogs. In other villages, hungry sled dogs turned on the dead and dying and ate them to survive."]

    1. Glad you got your hibiclens, it may be the single most valuable thing to have in one's flu arsenal.
      The Eskimos they were at the brink of being wiped out if they had to eat their sled dogs